Inhale peace....Exhale stress. Inhale peace...Exhale anxiety. Inhale peace...Exhale fear.

Having peace is essential. It is what makes you able to handle life's ups and downs with the assurance that God is with you. The Lord gives us His peace so we can power through our days knowing He's fighting our battles. Maintaining the peace of God is not a passive act. It is an act of aggression, an act of total trust in God no matter how things my look. It is believing and resting on the Lord. 

We can reconnect with peace multiple times a day by taking a #PeaceBreak.  A #PeaceBreak is a moment you schedule into your day to breath and realign with the peace of God. You do this through breathing exercises, inhaling peace and exhaling stress, anxiety, and any fear you may be feeling, and then pray to be connected with God's peace.