Change Your Inner Narrative in 2018 Podcast Bundle


Your inner narrative is the most important thing that determines your reality and success. Allowing God to change how you think and speak will open the door to helping you operate in the purpose God has for your life.  

These four Cherishedflight the Podcast episodes, and a #PeaceBreak, were recorded as reminders  to help you change your inner narrative.

1. Season 2, Episode 7 "Change Your Inner Narrative": 
We have a habit of telling ourselves the same thing over and over again. These things become the narrative we begin to believe about ourselves, and soon become our reality. In order to walk in the purpose God has for our lives we must change our inner narrative from thinking and speaking death to thinking and speaking life.

2. #PeaceBreak Prayer: 
It's time for your #PeaceBreak. Step away from your desk, the ringing phones, overflowing email and voicemail, and walk outside so you can regroup. Use this #PeaceBreak moment as your guide to realign with God's peace.

3.Season 1, Episode 23 "Watch What You Say":
The words we speak have the power to create life in our lives or death. If we do not allow God to change the words we choose to speak, then we will continue to kill the purpose He has for our lives and the passion He needs for us to have to pursue that purpose. Listen to Episode 43, "Watch What You Say", for insight on how to change from death speak, to speaking life.

4. Season 2, Episode 4 "Make the Shift"
God wants us to make a huge shift in our thinking from what we lack to all He provides for us to succeed. Transitioning our thinking can be difficult, especially when we're inundated with everything happening in the world, being overwhelmed by our jobs and life at home. The Lord wants us to "renew our minds", and we can do this through relationship with Him. Take a moment to listen to Episode 4, "Make the Shift", to help you transform your thinking from lack to God's worth.

5. Season 1, Episode 30: "Release the Cocoon"
Do you find yourself living with the residue of things that happened to you in the past? Did you know that type of living can keep you from fully living with joy and operating in the purpose God has for your life? Now is the time.