Are You Stuck in a Spiritual Rut?

I am about to share something very personal with you. For the past year, I have been spiritually dry. By dry, I mean without the fullness of the spirit of God. Please do not get me wrong. I still love God. I make time to appreciate and spend time thanking Him constantly, but I don’t believe that I am full when I leave those postures of praise.

I was not aware of my dry spiritual state until I read Day 29 in Mark Batterson’s book Draw the Circle: The 40-Day Prayer Challenge. In the chapter, entitled “A New Prayer”, Batterson discusses how we have the tendency to go through the motions when we allow our spiritual life to become “spiritually routine”. So, instead of approaching prayer and communion time with God with zest, we approach it with the mindset of, “Okay, I’ve brushed my teeth and used the bathroom. Now, let me pray before I put on my makeup”.


If you’ve found yourself in this dry zone, don’t be ashamed. God knows and is aware of your love for Him. You just have to take time to show him, and express that love with newfound enthusiasm and vigor.

1.       Repent: You are now aware that you have been approaching God as if he’s a chore, so ask for His forgiveness for treating him as such.

2.       Find a new way to pray: In addition to praying on your knees, try praying in motion. One great location is in your car on the drive to work. Turn the radio off, put the phone on silent, and TALK to God. These times can be the best moments where you will hear God speak to you loud and clear.

3.       Pray for things you take for granted: When was the last time you thanked God for your working limbs, eyes that see, ears that hear, body parts operating properly? Perhaps praying for the “small things” will enable you to see what an amazing miracle worker God really is.

4.       Fast: Fasting is the best way to realign with God’s will. The act of abstaining from food, drink, or an activity shows God you are serious about gaining a closer relationship with Him. Fasting requires discipline and focus, and it can transform your prayer life from flaccid to one that springs forth with praise.

Whatever you choose to do to commune with God, do it in order to get out of your spiritual rut. God is waiting for your authentic praise and worship, and so is your spirit.


What are some other methods you have employed to pull yourself out of your spiritual rut? Share your ideas with us. You never know how your testimony may be a blessing to someone else.